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As entrepreneur your focus is on growth. That calls for a good balance between strategy, organisation and finances. A healthy business is outwardly focused and has a strong competitive position.

However, if the balance is upset then fast action is essential. You seek the advice of an outside expert; someone who can put things in perspective, someone who speaks your language. OrangeVision can help you on your path towards sustainable growth. 

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Recent news

Working capital; driver of growth or millstone?

By Ben Hofenk, September 2016.  Working capital represents the money that is temporarily tied up in stock, work in progress and accounts receivable.   Often the most significant item on a company's balance sheet. Too...

Customer focused cost leadership: success factor for medium-sized business.

By Ben Hofenk, Januar 2016.  Medium-sized businesses, which together with SME form the spine of our economy, often struggle. Their limited scale means they lack the market dominance larger groups often have. You will need to adopt...
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